The deep sense of intention is a powerful feeling, and it's in these spaces where I am the most impactful. 

I value the sincere emotions that are accentuated in wondrous landscapes, and my love for immersing myself in grand spaces started when I was little.  A core memory of mine is climbing trees in the woods during sunrise to listen to the birds around me. In that moment I felt so present and enveloped in nature.

Feeling at peace, serene, and on top of the world are the exact feelings I want for you, not only when you experience your wedding day, but every time you look back at it.


Your wedding day should become
a core memory.

I'm your photographer,

to your

and guide


wedding experience.

endless amounts of Top the Tater eaten

fuzzy friends


years in business

Nat'l Parks visited


Human connection

my perspective

I started my photography journey to escape some deep trauma I experienced in my early 20s.  I used to dissociate every day to the point where I didn't even recognize myself in photos.

Photographing your love stories have entirely changed my life for the better.

Capturing my couples in love, growing with each other, and experiencing so much joy has helped heal my wounds.  I can't completely describe how much this journey of meeting so many lovely people has continued to uplift my spirits and pushed me to seek higher goals in my personal and professional life.  

Now, instead of being in a constant state of dissociation, I daydream of the many ambitions I have that include leaning in to and documenting love around the world.  I hope to continue to celebrate your love stories- it has been completely restoring and invigorating for my soul.

here's my why

my dream for you is to have imagery you can daydream of, too.

from dissociation 

escape the


I am 100% aware that I was born and raised on stolen land- and now I profit off of it directly.

with each new location I book, I find the tribe that is connected to the land.  With that knowledge, I donate 10% of my profits yearly to those tribal communities to aid in my reparations and the landback movement.

here are places that I will support in 2022:
The Landback Movement
Maada'ookiing Grassroots Grant Program


My commitment to

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