Your experiences will naturally unfold, allowing you to be fully present amidst the beauty of awe-inspiring landscapes.

You'll be able to completely live out your elopement day without worry about what is next, only the acknowledgement of what's right in front of you.

Adventure elopements are designed to embolden couples by liberating them from the long-established rules, checklists and timelines.

By doing so, couples are able to embrace their true selves and feel on top of the world.

dare to feel alive

adventure elopements


// adventure seeking //

// daring love //

Welcome to the Northern Voyages experience

completely unique to your relationship

Have an adventure that is completely customizable with everything you want and need, with nothing you don't.

I take the stress out of planning a wedding day- allowing you to focus on what's truly important.

Your imagery will document the endless love between you two, surrounded by the unimaginable landscape of your dreams.

Replacing the stress with excitement

bold, emotional, breath-taking story

it's time
feel alive

Imagine what your day could be like. The possibilities are endless with adventure elopements.  There is nothing holding you back when it comes down to it.  Take the leap- you've got everything to gain.

Hey, that's me!

Having someone directly available to navigate the travel, itinerary, permits, and gear will feel like a god-send.  

Imagine having to scour the internet to look for destinations, figuring out what park ranger to speak with for a permit, and not being sure on lighting, weather conditions or altitude. Kinda dizzying right?

i'm your guide for your adventure elopement

Meet kayla
(with Amanda + Zack)

Planning elopements around the world is my expertise

I'm here for you.

Call me the expert at arranging plans.  I have travelled to over half of the National Parks in the US, documenting amazing full day elopements. 

I have gained the trust of dozens of couples throughout the years to design amazing elopement experiences and curate their daring love stories.  All of my couples have given me the honor to witness such intimacy, in order to preserve the most momentous day of their life. 

"We love our photos so much- I don't even have words. Receiving our gallery made our whole fairytale feel real all over again!!! We truly appreciated her and her talent more than words can say! We loved getting to know her and can't thank her enough for all she has done for us! I cannot wait to surprise some family members with these photos"

Brooke + Taylor

embrace your true selves


adventurous; or audaciously bold



willing to take risks or to try out new ideas or experiences.

a celebration of two people in love, generally in an intimate setting.

with each adventure, there's a plan

here's What it means to have a northern voyages elopement

Adventure elopment

what's included in each package

your personalized

for the wander-seeking couples

Once booked, you'll receive a fun couples questionnaire, so that I can get to know you both better.  I value strong connections in my work, so that we can co-create the best adventure elopement experience possible.

couple's questionnaire

Step by step consultation during your adventure elopement planning process. You will have a stress-free and accommodating experience, so that on the day you will only be thinking about how amazing you feel.

You'll also receive a guide on how to create an intentional wedding experience!

planning guidance

Intentional activity ideas to fill your elopement day.  You're looking for a more meaningful day, and I am here to deliver that authentic experience to you!

You'll receive a list of activities that fit your personalities!

intentional activity ideas

Local vendor recommendations that fit your elopement day vibe. This includes local florists, hair and makeup artists, private chefs, lodging recommendations, etc.

personalized vendor rec's

I will get the necessary permits for each location. I know who to speak to and when to get them!

Your location packet will include photos of spots with trail specs, maps, ideal light times, and more.

Picking the right location will give you the most picturesque and euphoric-inducing elopement day.

Permits +
location scouting

No travel fees

"At the end of the day, I want to feel giddy and peaceful!! That perfect mix of “can’t believe this is real” and “we’ve done so much to get here”- Sadie


+ investments

10"x10" Bespoke elopement album

Minimum 12 hours over the course of at least 2 days.

multi-day destination adventure elopement

Your elopement day shouldn't go to the graveyard on your external hard drive. Your imagery will be personally styled in a high-quality, leather album to truly tell your beautiful story.

packages starting at $9,200

This package is best for couples who are looking to have adventure and also spend a day with their loved ones! Why not have the best of both worlds?

elopement coverage

whose the right fit?


Up to 12 hours of coverage with maybe a nap in the middle.

packages starting at $6,900

For couples wanting to fully immerse themselves in their adventure and witness both sunrise and sunset.  Or for those that want to have an adventure half the day, and spend the other half with their party!

Your elopement day shouldn't go to the graveyard on your external hard drive. Your imagery will be personally styled in a high-quality, leather album to truly tell your beautiful story.

dawn til dusk
adventure elopement

whose the right fit?

elopement coverage

10"x10" Bespoke elopement album


full day
adventure elopement

Up to 8 hours of coverage

packages starting at $5,400

For couples who want to adventure off onto a 4-6 mile hike or go to multiple locations on their elopement!

Your elopement day shouldn't go to the graveyard on your external hard drive. Your imagery will be personally styled in a high-quality, leather album to truly tell your beautiful story.

elopement coverage

whose the right fit?

10"x10" Bespoke elopement album


packages starting at $3,500

elopement coverage

For couples who are looking to experience adventure in one location, but aren't looking to die from exhaustion.

half day
adventure elopement


4 hours

Only available within the Minnesota/Wisconsin region.

8"x8" Bespoke elopement album

Your elopement day shouldn't go to the graveyard on your external hard drive. Your imagery will be personally styled in a high-quality, leather album to truly tell your beautiful story.

whose the right fit?


Your magical day is being cooked in the oven, and all of our creative juices are flowing to curate your vision of your dream elopement!

we start the planning

We can't start the planning process until we reserve your date! 

secure your date

Reach out to us through our contact page get the ball rolling! We are just as excited as you are, knowing that you are going to get your dream elopement!!

Holler at us

How It Works

step one

step two

step three

Everything that you have imagined is now here!! It's time to celebrate your love and the life you've begun!

let's elope!

step four

If you are considering to get married in a national park or public lands, we will need to purchase a special use permit for your ceremony! Some also require a photography permit on top of that.  If you book me, I take care of filing the permits and it is included in your package price!

Do I need to get a permit for my wedding?

There are so many options to include your family on your wedding day!! An example could include having them write letters to you both, for you to open on your day. They could even make a video that wishes you well, and you could watch that on the top of a mountain! Livestreaming is also a great option where there is data available!

How can I include my family on my day, even if it's just the two of us?

Because I help with planning your wedding- we can find locations that are wheelchair accessible! These locations can still have epic views too! If you are planning a micro-wedding, there are plenty of venues with amazing landscapes as well.  Whatever accessibility looks like for you or your loved ones, we will find a perfect location to fit your needs.

How can I make an adventurous wedding more accessible?

We typically deliver 100 photos per every hour we shoot.  So if you are booked for 4 hours, you can expect a minimum of 400 hand-edited images, vs. 8 hours you would expect a minimum of 800 hand-edited images. All images are delivered through a private online gallery within 10 weeks of your wedding day.

How many photos do I get?

What the FAQ?

Absolutely! I require a 50% non-refundable retainer once the contract is signed, and then the remaining balance is due two weeks prior to your wedding date.  We can work out a payment plan in between to fit your needs!

Do I offer payment plans?

My editing style can best be described as bold and moody, while my posing style encapsulates the real-time moments you feel throughout your relationship.  I value the candid feelings and expressions you show off with your love!

What is my photography style?

If you book with me, you will receive an entire elopement guide that is jam packed with ideas and advice on how to prepare for your elopement and all the possibilities you could do for your day!! What's most important is that the day reflects the two of you!

How do we fill up an entire day of activities?

If you are planning a micro-wedding that involves a venue, I suggest you start planning at least a year in advance with the current Wedding Boom happening post-COVID.  If you are planning an elopement with just a few close loved ones, those can be planned out as early as 3 months before your wedding date! Just remember, the more elaborate the day, the more planning involved!

How far in advance should I plan my wedding?


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